Sock Puppet Manor

Down with pickles, up with cukes!

Sock Puppet Manor is a Sock Puppet Soap Opera created by Monsterface Industries
and released throughout 2011. The soap features characters from my Series 3 Sock Puppet Portraits.

Sock Puppet Manor, Episode 1

The story of Sock Puppet Manor was intended to feel very much like an actual soap opera, and features the struggle between the old money Lollybottom Pickle-Canning Empire and the new money Durtlinger Pickle-Canning fortune.  We meet the characters on the precipice of an arranged wedding that proposes to unite the two families into one, but many nefarious plots and mis-deeds are implied and intervene.

Sock Puppet Manor, Episode 2

The journey continues and the plot thickens up, as confusing inklings surrounding the Lollybottoms emerge. Story elements of Stankford's dark secret as well as the persistent threat of cucumber activists come to light while the chase for Bob Lollybottom heats up.

The production was created independently in our loft apartment, with stilted sets that we erected and a cast of volunteer Monsterface regulars and talented dear friends.

Sock Puppet Manor, Episode 3

In our somewhat unsatisfying conclusion, still more dark secrets are implied while a shaky alliance between the two mercenaries hired to capture and/or kill Bob Lollybottom is formed.

While the result is quite wonderful, production included a few more scenes that were never edited and script for at least three more full episodes. If the narrative continued, we'd go on to see some rooftop struggles, a very dramatic hospital scene and a mysterious coma patient (and dream), a ghost in a bar, and a culminating and wildly dramatic wedding scene. 

We'd love to return to this at some point, though production proved quite arduous, so we decided to be happy where we landed. What stands is a wonderful extension of the idea of Monsterface Tee Vee that also feeds more into the larger world of stories.