Creative Consultant

I can help you make things...

While I am deeply motivated by my own body of work, I occasionally take on jobs as a Creative Consultant for other people's Big Ideas.

I've done freelance creative work and development for a number of private clients as well as larger companies like Nickelodeon, Barnes & Noble, Parents Magazine, and more. 

Because of the breadth of my work, I have experience approaching creative problems from a variety of directions.  My strength is in applying my unique perspective to your goals.
Moreover, I finish jobs.
And when I can't finish them or we need help getting there, I have a vast creative family at my disposal to help see things through, from visual artists, crafts-people, and designers to fabricators and professional engineers to writers and performers. I know some folks.

I love helping a project come to life.
I've premiered works as books, live shows, products, online videos, spontaneous happenings, you name it. I can help find the space for your message, and I can help you put it there properly.

Whether your idea is a television pitch, a live show, a backyard party, a crazy new product, or whatever you can imagine, if you're looking for a creative approach and someone who can implement it, I can do it. While maintaining a targeted focus on your idea and goals, I can help foster an idea from its inception, figure out the proper mediums to express it in, usher through a pre-production/sketch/design phase, and see something through to its execution.

And we'll have fun while we do it.

Learn more about me in my About section and check out my CV here.