Martystuff Returns to Union Square!

Guess what?!?
For old time’s sake (and a few other reasons), I’ll be selling on Union Square this SUNDAY!
(Fussy olde weather permitting…)

I’m rocking it old school style, setting up first come first-served in a spot I find on the park, so I’ll be…somewhere. Watch my Twitter and Instagram for specifics, and for funzies.

In brief:
The Return of Martystuff to Union Square
Tell Facebook you are into it! 

Sunday, August 13
Approximately 9am-5ish

I will have lots of cool treats for sale. Most notably: 
A very small number of extremely rare Original Sock Puppet Portrait small-framed 'Victorian' pieces!

If you watch my work carefully, you’ve seen lots of frames and styles of The Sock Puppet Portraitscome and go. But these were the original 'Victorian'-style small frames, and they remain my favorites (so much so that I immortalized them on many of my canvas pieces). As far as I know, they are no longer manufactured (if you know otherwise, please let me know). But when they went out of style, I held a few back. And for the first time in nearly TEN years, I’m letting a few go.

There will be a few more fun surprises to announce, stay tuned here or check in on my Twitter and Instagram to get some fancy updates. Can you tell I’m interested in encouraging you to follow my Twitter and Instagram? (If you want to go deep or compartmentalize properly, generally I four more on my writing projects via Twitter and my visual art via Instagram, but both are generally reflective of the kooky business that is me.)

The other top secret weird bit is that I’ll be out there for part of the day with a small film crew. Why? Come and see!

What do I mean by old school street sales? Learn all about it here. In short, back in the day I used to just set up a table and sell, devoutly owing nothing to no one while doing so. While limited, it's still a thing, and this felt like a fine occasion to return to my roots.

I’ll be pumping up my social and e-mailing as the week rolls forward. Stay tuned, and please come on out and say howdy.

And if you’re nowhere nearby, fret not,  there’s lots in store at in the weeks and months to come.